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The Armagh Media Project
Institute for Education
in International Media
Andrew Ciofalo, Director


The 20 stories produced by the students of the 2007 inArmagh Media Project are listed below. Choose from stories about living history, legend, people, economy, sports, or music and art.

Armagh: A City of Two Cathedrals

Story by Juanita Dudnath
Photography by Chrissy Doughty
Video by Caitlin Robirds
Web Design by Brigid Carey

Centuries-Old Observatory Tracks the Universe in Style

Story by Christine Doughty
Photography by Caitlin Robirds
Video by Brigid Carey
Web Design by Juanita Dudnath

Yearning for Peace

Story by Janine Quarles
Photography by Felicia Chapman
Video by Kyle Saadeh
Web Design by Lauren Hicks

Armagh Apple Pride

Story by Christine Slomski
Photography by Nora Daly
Video by Andrew Harrington
Web Design by Meg Carey

The Search for Vikings in Armagh

Story by Kyle Saadeh
Photography by Lauren Hicks
Video by Felicia Chapman
Web Design by Janine Quarles

The True Story of the Green Lady

Story by Roisin Kelly
Photography by Charlotte Levins
Video by Sarah Turner
Web Design by Cate Oliver

Legends of Macha

Story by Meg Carey
Photography by Christine Slomski
Video by Nora Daly
Web Design by Andrew Harrington

Navan Fort: The Camelot of Northern Ireland

Story by Cate Oliver
Photography by Roisin Kelly
Video by Charlotte Levins
Web Design by Sarah Turner

Back from the Troubles: Cathy Rafferty Makes Good

Story by Caitlin Robirds
Photography by Brigid Carey
Video by Juanita Dudhnath
Web Design by Christine Doughty

Revolution to Resolution: The Journey of John Nixon

Story by Charlotte Levins
Photography by Sarah Turner
Video by Cate Oliver
Web Design by Roisin Kelly

The Rise of Ethnic Communities in Armagh

Story by Felicia Chapman
Photography by Janine Quarles
Video by Lauren Hicks
Web Design by Kyle Saadeh

The Philosopher King of Bagel Bean

Story by Brigid Carey
Photography by Juanita Dudhnath
Video by Chrissy Doughty
Web Design by Caitlin Robirds

An Irish Garden Getaway

Story by Sarah Turner
Photography by Cate Oliver
Video by Roisin Kelly
Web Design by Charlotte Levins

A Boutique that Defies Expectations

Story by Alexandra Cavallo
Photography by Laura McKean-Peraza
Video by Alexandra Cavallo, Meagan McGovern,
Laura McKean-Peraza

Web Design by Meagan McGovern

Gaelic Football Girls Pluck the Crown

Story by Nora Daly
Photography by Andrew Harrington
Video by Meg Carey
Web Design by Christine Slomski

Irish Road Bowling:
The Longest Bowling Alley in the World

Story by Laura McKean-Peraza
Photography by Alexandra Cavallo
Video by Meagan McGovern
Web Design by Jane Koelle

The Marketplace Theatre & Art Centre
Showcases Irish Culture

Story by Jane Koelle
Photography by Meagan McGovern
Video by Laura McKean-Peraza
Web Design by Alexandra Cavallo

The Bells of Saint Patrick's

Story by Lauren Hicks
Photography by Kyle Saadeh
Video by Janine Quarles
Web Design by Felicia Chapman

Leah Jordan: The Journey of a Young Irish Singer

Story by Meagan McGovern
Photography by Jane Koelle
Video by Alexandra Cavallo
Web Design by Laura McKean-Peraza

The Uilleanne Pipes: A Long-Standing Element
of Traditional Irish Music

Story by Andrew Harrington
Photography by Meg Carey
Video by Christine Slomski
Web Design by Nora Daly